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BTEUP Result | BTEUP Date Sheet – The Uttar Pradesh Board of Technical Education or commonly called the BTEUP is a board that has been providing the students of Uttar Pradesh in India all kinds of technical education after they have completed their junior course of engineering. The courses offered here are usually of three year duration which is the full time course and the part time course is of four years. The candidates who aim at entering the educational courses under the board have to be high school graduates. You can find the details on the website

Most of the government colleges of UP are affiliated to the board and some of the private colleges too, are under the jurisdiction of the board. The board offers about 30 different subjects in which a candidate can get his/her diploma. The subjects are: computer science, mechanical, civil, IT, automobile and electrical engineering. There are over eighty colleges that are affiliated to the courses that BTEUP offers under the Group A. The board also offers courses that deal with home science, textile, agriculture, etc.

bteup result

The Uttar Pradesh Board of Technical Education was established in 1958 and the first examination that was conducted by the board was after two whole years and that was for the diploma course. It was in 1962 that the board held the first exam with a total of 2500 candidates. Since then, the board has been and is conducting exams for its candidates each year. The examinations are held every year in the months of June and July. From the month of July in 2015, there has been a change in the polytechnic course of the board. The Uttar Pradesh Board of Technical Education has brought about several such changes in other diploma courses that are conducted by the board. All of this has come into effect from July 2015.

As per the most current scheme of exams, the system of semesters have been introduced and this semester system will now be applicable to about 58 courses among the total of 60 courses that the board offers to its candidates. However, for the students who are getting into the industrial and pharmacy courses, the system of semesters will not be applicable for them. This is because of certain technical problems that are being faced by the board related to these courses. Even for the polytechnic courses, the syllabus has been reconstructed. You can check the syllabus from the website where you can see the syllabus that is as per the new jurisdiction. You will find that the syllabus is marked according to the branch of subject that you have chosen to study. Most of these will be divided according to the syllabus per semester.

All of this has been done keeping in mind that the course becomes a bit easier for the candidates. That is because there were many candidates who couldn’t reach the passing criteria in the first year itself. This has made the board to reconsider the structure of exams and they have come to a conclusion that they are going to make the subjects in the first year like Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics easier comparatively.

BTEUP Result

If you are a candidate who is eagerly waiting to know when the BTEUP Results will be out, here is a little info for you:

  • BTEUP Results of the 1st, 3rd and 5th semesters are declared in the months of November or December
  • BTEUP Results of the 2nd, 4th and 6th semesters are declared in the months of May or June.
  • Last year, the BTEUP Result for the final year was declared on 28th September of 2015 and the BTEUP Result of first and second year was also declared on the same date.

When you want to check your results, you will have to enter the OMR form number of the three year diploma examination at first. Then you have to enter the roll number that has been allotted to you in the admit card. After you have entered all necessary information, you will be allowed to download the result.

BTEUP Date Sheet | BTEUP Exam Time Table

The Uttar Pradesh Board of Technical Education declares its time table for exams as per its own discretion but usually, the exams are conducted in the months of March or April. The BTEUP exam time table is usually uploaded on the website of the board for all candidates who are preparing to sit for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd year exams.

You will be given ample time to prepare for the exams as the board declares the dates keeping in mind the study time required by the students. The students, who are going to appear for the Polytechnic exam this year, can visit the website of the board and check the date sheet given for the 2016 BTEUP date sheet. The Uttar Pradesh Board of Technical Education will be conducting its final exam in March this year.

BTEUP Result for Revaluation Exam

If you have appeared in the examination and you are not satisfied with the result that you have received, you can apply for a revaluation of the answer script.

  • The system of revaluation is open to candidates who have either failed in the respective subjects or have attained lesser marks compared to what they had expected.
  • The usual time when the revaluation results are declared by the BTEUP is during the month of September, October or November. Each candidate has to fill up the form for revaluation in their respective colleges.
  • All you have to do is fill up the form by providing your details like the roll number and the paper codes where you haven’t got satisfactory marks.

After you have submitted the form, your papers will be rechecked again and you will be given the scanned copy of your answer script. From there you can see where you have gone wrong of if you have made any mistake for which the number has been deducted. Finally, the result will be declared and that will be the final result which you will have to accept.

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