Sarkari Naukri Government sector jobs have become the most sought after in recent times in India. From a time when the youth were reluctant about them, sarkari naukri has become the dream of the major population of qualified youngsters. The glory of the IT boom at the start of the millennium started to fade away and the global economic crises led to the shift in perception about sarkari naukri. There was a time when government jobs were viewed as mediocre and without much career prospects. Those were times when the private sector was booming like anything.

There were a lot of opportunities and a lot of potential for growth, often luring the young generation of educated people. But as much as the potential it had, private sector had a lot of risks associated with them as well. With the economies they invested in and the clients they worked for collapsed, private sector took a beating as well. A lot of people lost their jobs and those who maintained to keep them lost the hope for imminent career growth.

Salaries and other perks were slashed and the honeymoon of the boom was over. The IT industry is at an almost saturated point in India with little or no chance for further growth. The unfavorable conditions in the sector have made people shift their focus to sarkari naukri. Substantially better pay, a horde of benefits and other incentives plus the security of the job has made more people attracted to the government sector jobs.

More and more people are leaving their private sector jobs to pursue a career in the government sector. A majority of the graduating people prefer sarkari naukri over private jobs related to their stream of academics. But getting a government job is not an easy task. Various organizations under the Human Resource Department like the Staff Selection Commission, Union Public Service Commission coordinate the selection and appointment of personnel across various departments under the central government. In addition to this, some departments conduct their own selection.

How one does gets selected for Sarkari Naukri?

  1. Bank exams are mainly for two kinds of posts: clerical and managerial.
  1. The first part of the selection process is usually aptitude tests. That is why the first step in your pursuit for a sarkari naukri should be preparation for the aptitude test.
  1. Aptitude tests usually have the same structure with questions from quantitative aptitude, reasoning, English and general knowledge. Aptitude tests for technical jobs will have questions specific to that job, in addition to the usual sections. The range of difficulty differs for different exams.More people aim at SSC's combined graduate level exam which is an all India level competitive exam which is common for a lot of posts under different ministries under the central government.

The large number of vacancies and the attractive salary and benefits are the important reasons for the popularity of CGL exam. The qualification demanded is bachelor’s degree in any discipline. This also makes it a favorable choice. CGL is a fairly difficult exam. The quantitative aptitude section and the general awareness section is a tough nut to crack every year.

Now, what attracts you to work for government?

Bank job is another popular choice among youngsters. The attractive designation and the scope for huge career growth are the driving factors behind its popularity. The clerical job has a lower salary compared to managerial job and prospect of growth is lower. On the other hand, clerical cadre exam is comparatively easier than managerial cadre exam.
The fact is that sarkari naukri always had attractive salaries and benefits. It never was focused on or its potential realized.

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